This is a list of the 25 Scariest Movies I have ever seen. This is just a list of my opinion. I left the 25th spot blank because that is the one I want you to fill in. In other words, if this really was the best top 25 list (even if it's not the best in your opinion) please tell me what the one movie I am missing is. Also, please leave a comment if there is something you disagree with about the list. I love constructive criticism. Negative comments on the other hand will not be tolerated.

Everybody likes some genres of horror more than others. So I understand that this list might not be a good one to you and that's o.k. I tried to include every genre to somewhat satisfy everybody I can. Please leave a comment about Anything and more importantly a movie for the 25th spot. Thanks
  1. Antichrist. 2009. Genre: Demonic Thriller. A married couple go to a secluded place they are familiar with to relax after the death of their infant baby. I won't spoil it, but crazy, weird things start to happen. I don't know how to categorize this one, but it's pretty out there.
  2. Paranormal Activity. 2007. Genre: Ghost/Possession.
  3. The Exorcist. 1973. Genre: Possession.
  4. The Fourth Kind. 2009. Genre: Alien.
  5. Shrooms. 2008. Genre: Psycho Drama/ Slasher.
  6. Strangeland. 1998. Genre: Psycho Slasher.
  7. Insidious. 2011. Genre: Possession .
  8. The Grudge. 2004. Genre: Ghost.
  9. Amusement. (Specifically the Clown Segment) 2008. Genre: Clown Slasher.
  10. Cube. 1998. Genre: Trapped Thriller?.
  11. The Collector. 2009. Genre: Monster/Slasher.
  12. Case 39. 2010. Genre: Demon/ Devil Child.
  13. Devil. 2010. Genre: Satanic.
  14. Event Horizon. 1997. Genre: Satanic Alien.
  15. The Omen. 1976. Genre: Devil Spawn.
  16. The Hills Have Eyes. 2006. Genre: Mutant Slasher.
  17. Poltergeist. 1982. Genre: Ghost Haunting.
  18. The Shining. 1980. Genre: Ghost Haunting.
  19. Tooth and Nail. 2007. Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Violence.
  20. 28 Days Later. 2003. Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Virus.
  21. Hellraiser. 1987. Genre: Demon/ Slasher/ Monster.
  22. A Nightmare On Elm Street. 1984. Genre: Slasher/ Monster.
  23. Halloween. 1978. Genre: Slasher.
  24. Final Destination. 2000. Genre: Death Thriller